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New bot user
I haven't played FFXIV in a few yrs but looking to get back into it. Apparently my "lifetime" key for rebornbuddy expired so Im looking for a new bot. So far I've only read positive thing about mmominion but I do have a few questions

1. How are the combat routines? Can I switch it on and off in between fights? Does it support all classes?
2. How is the crafting mode? Can I set the bot to craft something for hours on end? (I've read that this bot's crafting isnt as good as rebornbuddy?)
3. Also curious about how well the bot does in Pvp

Minor questions:
1. Is it easy to use? The guides look pretty detailed but Im pretty much computer illiterate.

Combat routines fall into 3 category. Default with base bot, some free ones people made on forums and paid ones on the store. The free ones on forums is sometimes outdated and or made for specific fights/max level. The paid ones are good. Youll still need to know how to play the class and where to stand, when to move to get the most out of it.

Crafting is good for single items. Or you can make a list of items to make but you must have the materials inside your inventory. It wont auto gather anything for you like lisbeth. A addon is being made for that but its months away. Btw making the list of items is a bit clunky sadly.

Depends. There is some combat profiles for pvp made by a developer for his pvp addon. The allied pvp thing seems dead but id imagine it does ok in normal pvp? Ive no personal experience with that sorry to say.

Its ok, some of it can seem a bit frustrating at first. The in game gui is different from RB so youll have to adjust to it.
Thanks for answering the questions. I honestly dont even remember how to use RB so adjusting shouldn't be a problem. Im mostly gonna use the bot to gather or craft single items when I sleep so I think this should work perfectly for me. Thanks again.

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