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Unable to connect to authentication server.
* What OS are you running?
-- Windows 10

* What AV is installed?(Antivirus)
-- None. Have uninstalled AVG, Windows Defender disabled, multiple reboots.

* Where is the bot installed?(installed path)

* Do you have any Anti-Malware installed?
-- None.

* do you have Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, any other recording software, Nvida Gamers Experience, Raptr, Caytalist Control Center, guildworks,Teamviwer installed?
-- None.

* Did you follow the install instructions found HERE
-- Yes.

* Are you running the bot as admin?
-- Yes.

* Are you using the attach button or having minionapp launch the client?
-- Having minionapp attach itself.

*Are you running any Bot addons?
-- Nope. Fresh install. No addons installed yet.


I've returned to playing after a good 4 month break, and when I attempt to launch the bot from the minionapp, it opens a game window for about 2 seconds, and crashes. Notably, I am definitely connected to the internet, and am able to log into the game, and it runs normally, when running the game without the bot.

Any help greatly appreciated, as I've seen others with the same problem, but all have had some form of antivirus installed.

Is it working? There was a server outage last night that may have caused this for you.

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