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My Dragoon SkillManager Profile
I need some testing from you guys if you could please. It only supports 1 - 64 currently as I'm just now getting around to leveling it the rest of the way. Let me know of any bugs you come across no matter how small so I can fix them ASAP!

- Cooldown usage ON/OFF (ON unlocks the rest of the jumps [below option needs to be ON as well] + traditional DPS cooldowns) *Elusive Jump is there but disabled, I need to tweak it before I turn it back on. I plan to support it though on the re-release once I hit 70.
- To be determined...
Jump usage ON/OFF (ON uses just Jump)
- AoE usage ON/OFF (Self-explanatory)
- Defensive usage ON/OFF (ON uses all Role Actions except Arm's Length and Crutch; I plan to add support for Crutch, eventually)

  • Figure out a good HP Advantage for Disembowel and Chaos Thrust.
  • Goad needs to be fixed.
Changed but not released yet:
  • To be determined...

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