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[ENDED] MMOMinion Video Contest - 100% WINNING
Hey, Minions!

It's the opening of the MMOMinion Video Contest! The best contest in the world because there is no loser!

What are the prizes?
  • 1st: 3 Months subscription
  • 2nd: 1 Month subscription
  • 3rd to 5th: 2 Weeks subscription
  • Others entrants: 48 Hours subscription

What do you have to do?
  • You have to make a YouTube video of our bot.
  • It must be your content, duplicated videos aren't allowed.

What are the conditions?
  • You need an active subscription on our bot. (If not, how are you able do to a video of our bot?)
  • You have to follow us on Twitter and YouTube.
  • The title of your video must contain MMOMinion like "How to set-up MMOMinion for gathering".
  • The description of your video must contain the links to our Twitter, YouTube and our website.
  • The video must be set to public.
  • The video must be longer than 2 minutes.

How to send your video?
  • You have to send me a private message on the forum. It must be entitled "MMOMinion Video Contest Entry".
  • Your message must contain : video's link, your twitter username and don't forget to tell me on which game you would like to have the subscription (GuildWars2 or FinalFantasyXIV).

Others informations about the contest.
  • The contest starts now and the deadline is : 11/30/2018 : 23:59 UTC.
  • Reminder, the prizes are subscriptions for our bot.
  • We will pick the winners on some criterias such as the quality of the video, if you used a mic, etc.

Good luck and have fun!
I'm not closing the thread, so if you have some questions about the contest, just ask.
Your CM.

[Image: 1524245564-sig-mmominion.png]

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