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Revolt Engine [Dungeons, Trials, Raids]

Currently in development
Addon available on Store as an early version. Please join the dedicated discord where all the reports are done, and where players can find people to complete their group:

Demo version will cover all ARR main story dungeons.
Store version will cover all dungeons from ARR to Shadowbringers, and future game updates.

Revolt, Dominion, Dailies, Poacher, Navigator, FPH & Scenery support on Bottox Discord.
wow impressive , I'm waiting for this BTW
Just watching the video has me hyped. Looking at all the features is pretty mind blowing.
nice ... *throws money at the screen*
[Image: gallery_5_6_10246.jpg]
Okay but in all honesty: When is this going to be available?
(01-08-2019, 01:56 PM)drissma Wrote:  Okay but in all honesty: When is this going to be available?

15/1/19 Beta !!!
looks awesome, might bring be back to ffxiv
Is the price of this available yet? Debating whether I need to save my PayPal balance. BTW-- that video is quite impressive!
cool video, looking forward to it!

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