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I arranged for 4 Cellos & Played "Fear Not This Night", from GW2 Soundtrack
I arranged for 4 Cellos « Fear Not This Night », from Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack, played it, recorded & filmed it. Here is the result ! (60+ Hours of work)
This is an amateur work, but totally passionate :)

If anyone interested, Sheet Music is in description. I arranged the orchestra & voice score, to a 4 Cello score.
Then I trained on my Cello, & recorded each 4 parts, mixed audio to get a better sound balance, editing it, & here is the video.
Awesome work!
Great work! My favorite song out of the entire game, I am a singer in college and this is one of the songs I want to sing for a recital if my teacher allows it. Btw, keep up those guides as well for Weaver and Tempest, love modifying my built profiles off of them to make botters better at PvP and WvW in assist mode.

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