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Game Crashes When Trying to Attach Bot
Was hoping someone could identify why FFXIV crashes immediately upon attaching my new bot.
Running FFIXV Directx 11, no legacy controls, and have the C:/MinionApp folder whitelisted in Windows Defender.  No other anti-virus currently running.

I manually attach the BOT and immediately receive the "Unable to connect to authentication server, check your internet connection" and the game closes.

Windows 8.1

I started a ticket too.
Im also having this issue just now
I am getting an authentication server error.

[Image: HWd5hL6.png]
I have as well. I am thinking their server might be down or having problems.
Bump, for I'm in the same boat. It crashed my game, I relogged, and got an update for minion/ff14minion even after installing and reloading the app, same issue.
Yeah, I got the same issue. I thought my keycode was expired and already buy a new one, but it seems that not the case.
Also happening to me
same here
Same issue
same issue here, I'm sure its being working on as we speak though.

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