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Positive feedback on mmominion
Great for the price:
-Personally I love the constant updates that mmominion provides for their bots/scripts/rotations/launcher, the fact they have addons you can optionally get (free or not) I enjoyed messing around with what they had, The auto dodge works perfectly IMO and the fact there was a "movement prediction" option right below the skill manager was pretty noticeable because it will be (I don't believe in 100% accurate anything, that is impossible) 85 - 90 accurate and the 15 - 10% of the time it doesn't get it gives me a excuse to show others "I'm human" in PVP matches and PVE.

Adjustability(Gonna attempt to break it down):

Skill Manager:
-You have the choice of turning the attack range to dynamic or custom range
-You can make your own rotations for fighting or go buy one from the addon store(Or in what I assume you can do) Download and put one in yourself. And that is if you don't like what they already have(Which I do like what they have very much clearly, I'm not a "one fight script guy")
-Latency adjustment bar, not entirely sure what it does but I believe if its too laggy it delays the bots actions so you don't lag to death or simply just adjusting to prevent the bot from pressing the skill buttons too quickly and not register
-Movement prediction, it's as clear as it calls itself, Personally like the fact that it will try to aim the appropriate skills ahead if the target is dodgy and moving(Go back up to see the accuracy I visually saw) way too much
-I never used the little lua console personally but the fact it's there is kind of comforting to me so I can't really give my opinion on that
-You can see what the rotation is using, I mean that skill wise, you can visually see the ability picture and read what it is, go into that and change (for example) "Conditions group 1, cast spell at (enemy/player/friend)(target/player/friend)(health percent/max health/current health)(Greater than/lesser than/equal to/<=/>=)(insert number here)+-buttons to adjust number. And thats with all the skills not just the one you can do that too(More options to adjust when and how you want your spell to cast)

-it's ment to take you to your options... What else could it do?
-gives description on what each button is(if you still don't understand what it's telling you then you should probably read the instructions lol. There is plenty of how to's on the forums)
-They have a radar(3D/Map toggles) so you can see players and NPCs close by thru walls and see how the enemy is rotating in PvP by putting enemy dots on your map at the bottom right(very useful)

Main Menu:
-This is where You can choose what you want the bot to do, lovely little drop down to choose gather/grind/custom/map completion/assist mode/etc
-You can turn on or off if you want the bot to dodge for you(using skills and your V+WASD(Just don't hold down right click all the time or it won't dodge properly))
-evade at certain health adjustable bar(the details like this matters to me, I like mine to dodge and evade at 100 and below health)
-reduce ram usage(pretty self explanatory, it'll use less ram and more of your CPU if need be)
-Auto Stomp, on/off
-revive party members, downed players, npcs option(Fuck the npcs I say "toggles off")
-move to combat range on/off
(Theres more than what I'm putting down but is all what I use)

My only request is(if possible) "make the skill manager not PERFECTLY center the AOE on enemies, give it a radius accuracy option" I got called out in a PVP and questioned ONE TIME(damn that player was observant) but thank god everyone else just thought he was salty.

Overall, the price is fair, the bot flexibility is clearly exsistant and shows that the creators give a damn when it comes to their work, Support is very helpful, just don't ask donk questions before checking the forums for a fix. The launcher is easy to use and you don't have to keep going back to their website to download updates, just hit the update tab and refresh(frequent updates compared to other bot providers, usually gets fixed the same day).

That's pretty much all I got from my perspective, it's my favorite bot so far. I couldn't type anymore, I want to get back to my game lol.

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