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key codes not attaching to individual accounts
* What OS are you running? Windows 
* What AV is installed?(Antivirus) none
* Where is the bot installed?(installed path) in the main drive
* Do you have any Anti-Malware installed? none
* do you have Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, any other recording software, Nvida Gamers Experience, Raptr, Caytalist Control Center, guildworks,Teamviwer installed? none
* Did you follow the install instructions found HERE  yes
* Are you running the bot as admin? yes
* Are you using the attach button or having minionapp launch the client? minionapp launch
*Are you running any Bot addons? yes

The problem is that I am trying to use the bot in two different computers with two different key codes. I attached the key code to each account and then once its launched it makes both accounts attach to one key code. i have checked for updates, i deleted the profile and it refuses to let me link the key codes to separate accounts. It was working fine yesterday and then this happened this morning. Can you please look into it and see what it is. It's quiet frustrating trying to make these key codes link and then the program crashes. I am running out of ideas of what to do to make it work.  Please let me know what you would like for me try to make things work again. 

Thank you 

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