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Eureka Hydatos
This addon should be considered as more of a assistant than a 100% leveling bot although now with my new AOE avoidance this is much more of a possibility!!!
It is currently possible to grind up to level 60 using the grind feature in this but as the same in the previous Eurekas solo grinding is risky as death results in XP/Level loss. (Also depends on your class and party size)

This now includes a NEW fate tracking system which allows you to get any known kill times of NM's seen by any other minion users in your instance.
Also includes the ability to use custom NM spawn/pull messages and ingame/external sounds to allow sounds to be played out of game. + Discord webhook possibility
Also includes a Bunny location map and logogram data + many more features to make your life easier.
New AOE Avoidance to make everything so much easier or allow much more possibility of solo + small party play.

[Image: vjGN0K1.png]

For a basic guide and more info about this addon please visit the wiki HERE
If you need help or have any requests feel free to PM me, post in my Threads or message me in Discord :D
Discord Support - Dropbox - Donate

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