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Bot teleports to idle location and sits
Hi, I am using the 1-70 class pack with MMOMinion. I have leveled Botany, Fishing, and Mining to level 51 each. At level 51, each one of them will only teleport to the idle location designated in the settings (ie Limsa) and sit idle permanently instead of continuing. I have all expansions purchased and am most of the way through the Heavensward story quest on my main job.

On Botany, I thought maybe it was because of the spruce timed spawn quest, so I completed it manually, and it still teleports to my idle city and does nothing. I haven't touched any of the settings for the profiles. Do I need flying in each of the expansion zones unlocked? I thought that it would at the very least know what level I am and grind gather until I reached a new quest unlock, but I don't know. The bot usually shows *City*[idle] in the current actions instead of grind, quest, interact, etc.

Sorry I don't have a log, I am not at my computer with the game on it right now. Just wondering if I am overlooking something very simple?
cant access the lvl 51 area you have selected to level at?
without pics and setting info only god knows at this point.
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