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New user
Hi there, 

Im done botting on Lineage 2, did it for years but game is "dead".
Looking for a new game to mess around and found FFXIV and MMO Minion, but i have a few questions. 

1. Is the bot up to date? When i look at the topic Bot Status3 the last post was months ago. 

2. What do i need from the MMOMinion store, what is mandatory? 

I hope i get some answers soon :)
Hey there Ginger, welcome!

The bot is indeed up to date, can't speak for why they no longer update the thread (Or perhaps there just hasn't been a large enough downtime/issue to cause need to do so?), but still running smoothly in that department.

As for your second question, depends entirely upon what you wish the bot to do and what you wish to do yourself/legitimately. If you're like many here who simply want the bot to do the combos for you to save yourself from arthritis (lol), then that comes with the bot's assist mode and you can get that immediately; From my experience thus far all profiles included have worked wonderfully; but of course if you have a favorite class and want to get that extra bit of numbers out you can then buy a custom profile from the store. Otherwise, Latty's 1-70 quest pack will do the main/side quest for you if you want to avoid doing that manually, and the 1-70 class pack is recommended as it'll max (currently anyway) all classes, including gathering.

Other than that, QOL addons like the dailies packs are nice, and you can still find some of the older (And free) addons that still work in the download section ;)

Edit: The Revolt addon looks promising as well (though I haven't had a chance to play with it yet), though it'll likely be the top pick as it progresses.

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