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Deep Dungeon
This addon will run Palace of The Dead and Heaven on High (PoTD + HoH)
Currently Supports Palace of The Dead 1-50 and 51-60, Heaven on High 1-20 and 21-30. (Adding more as fast as possible)
Please read the Wiki linked below for much more info about this addon.

[Image: fetch.php?tok=ba5813&media=https%3A%2F%2...4pM2iV.png]

For a basic guide and more info about this addon please visit the wiki HERE
If you need help or have any requests feel free to PM me, post in my Threads or message me in Discord :D
Discord Support - Dropbox - Donate
Worked great during testing, very stable. Works especially good if you duo with a healer.

Like regular Potd, initial success will depend on your aether gear. Once you hit 99/99, the addon has basically 100% clear rate with a healer duo.

Highly recommended

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