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How to change turning
The bot is working great and doing great things, but...

The way the bot turns looks very, bottish.  It will run and then pivot 90 degrees and run to a point, pivot 60 degrees. 

I thought turning on smooth pathing would change it, but that did not appear to change anything.  I tried turning off and on random paths. 

Is there a setting to make the running between nodes while gathering seem more, normal?

well the good news is, other player wont see you do such harsh movements

and it is very tricky to deal with that in a smooth way, imagine tight corners where you are mounted and rather fast running...doing a smooth turn is difficult, not only codewise

a new nav system is already in testing...
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As Fire said, while it is slightly off-putting at first, if you happen to ever use two accounts (For PotD/HoH/etc) you'll notice that on your screen it seems very harsh movement-wise, but to other players it would just show as you moving as anyone else. And unless MMO's put in a version of fairfight, you've nothing to worry about in that regard :P

And yeah, new nav system hype :D

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