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ARC pet withdraws (Lattys)
New to pretty much everything including forum posting so thanks in advance for your patience.
I'm running MINIONAPP for FFXIV. I started my character as an Arcanist. Currently level 17 but sometime after 10 my character won't summon pet Carbuncle. I stopped the program and summoned manually and then resumed the program but it withdrew pet shortly. I repeated this several times with the same effect. Currently using the addon Lattys 1-50 Questpack.

To answer:
OS:Windows 10 Home/AV:Bitdefender Total Security/Path:C:MINIONAPP/Malware:None that I know of/Rec software:Nvidia Gamer Experience & Action!/Instructions:to the best I could/Run as Admin:no/Attach:Yes/Addons:Lattys 1-50 Questpack

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