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[Cross-World Linkshell] Elemental Datacenter Bot Group
Hi there,

I've recently made a cross-world linkshell and discord channel with a few other botters that I know and we're currently looking for more people to join us. This is mainly for those of you that have purchased the "Revolt Engine" or "Deep Dungeon" addons, but all botters are welcome. Just send me a PM for the link to the Discord. People that are looking for raid groups using sense and/or ACT are also encouraged to join, as a lot of us are end-game raiders.

To be invited
1) You must be ONLINE.
I cannot invite you while you are offline.

2) You must be on the elemental datacentre.
In patch 4.3, players can form cross-world linkshells of up to 64 players from different worlds on the same data center.

3) You must travel to my home world/server. Or if you message me your home world, I will come to you.
This is only available from the central aetheryte in major towns, not Aethernet shards.

4) Message me in discord with your character name/location and wait for your invite.
I will be quick to reply or invite you to the group

What is the point?
1) By sticking together we  can ensure that nobody will receive reports from other players, reducing the changes of any risk while botting AFK.

2) Form groups/friends within the Linkshell to level with, farm tomestones or complete events like the moogle treasure trove.

There are only 64 slots available, so once our CWLS is full I will be removing the invite link. [Currently 9/64]

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