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MMO Minion wont attach to FFXIV

I've followed the installation wiki tutorial but MMO Minion will not attach or launch FFXIV, it shows a black screen and then closes FFXIV. The error in MMO Minion reads  "Incorrect login info, please check keycode and/or password".

> My login credentials are correct
> MMO Minion is up to date
> GW2 Minion works fine for me.
> FFXIV minion 30 day Keycode was purchased yesterday and applied.

What OS are you running?
>> Windows 10 pro

* What AV is installed?(Antivirus)
>> Nothing is installed besides windows defender and MMO Minion is an authorized app.

* Where is the bot installed?(installed path)

* Do you have any Anti-Malware installed?
>> No

* do you have Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, any other recording software, Nvida Gamers Experience, Raptr, Caytalist Control Center, guildworks,Teamviwer installed?
>> Yes. Teamviewer (wasn't running)

* Did you follow the install instructions found HERE
>> Yes

* Are you running the bot as admin?
>> Yes

* Are you using the attach button or having minionapp launch the client?
>> Tried both

*Are you running any Bot addons?
>> No. This is fresh install of FFXIV Minion

I'm not sure what's going on and would appreciate any assistance.
You are using the password that you use to log into the website? This is the only cause of this error.

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