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I feel dumb-Collectables
So I set up everything like I normally did, I looked around the forums for awhile but i'm not seeing a 100% answer on how to/if collectable in shb are supported. Even when i type in the name myself, set markers, min collectable and run. It flies from node to node, saying timed out but if i deselect collectable profile i used to use, it'll gather it just fine.

Set 1-80

Tried different profiles.

Looked around on forums/google even went back to square one to relearn how to do markers...

But now I feel dumb.. it's gotta be something easy I'm missing?

Use default marker set-up since I have Sebbs 1-70, but I feel like now I have to also buy the 1-80, and i don't wanna spend the $40 since I already bought it before. :3 Would pay for a 70-80 upgrade though.
provide setup info and pics please.
Read the store info page about the upgrade included in the 70-80 pack...........
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