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Is this bot simply not good or what is this ?
Hey there,

Before I get flamed, ive been using GW minion since years, never had a problem once.
I downloaded the FF bot yesterday and must honestly say..... Wow ive rarely been this dissapointed.

So heres my journey maybe someone can help with some of the issues ive been experiencing.

I run a Summoner (around 40), the first problem I experienced was that my summoner/arcanist will not use heal spells except meditate (which has a long CD) by itsself. So i went in the dev section and figured out that the class does not even have the "physick" spell which is used for healing...... This explains why my bot permanently ran in and out of the exact same fate last night for a couple hours. (goodbye account i know its also my fault)

Anyway this problem beeing stated, I downloaded the 1-80 all classes yesterday to try it out, didnt take long for me to get stuck with the mythril where the locations (for teleport) are above many nodes causing me to land above them and not reaching them..... 
Running my main class is not an option as i cant even heal myself and well... as stated above... useless in that case....

Ive tried running all types of bots, duty bot. With absolutely no effect, i cant q on the dutys neither solo, selecting the specific ones or random.

Im very puzzled as how the development of  a bot can go so backwards. I was a HUGE fan of MMO minion when I first used it on GW2 and since even found it to be way superior to any other bots available at that time....
What happened ? 

I would have been so happy buying the 1-80 profiles, but 36 euros (after paying subs) and all it does is the mining and botany really ?

Whats the deal with leveling ? the bot genuinely only does it through fates ? No main story quest support ?

Please tell me im majorly doing something wrong here Complaint
Well. For one, keep in mind that FFXIV just got a new expansion less then 2 weeks ago, this expansion also did major changes to all classes so its only natural that bugs will occur for a while untill they find everything. Second, you can buy a addon for main story, but other then that you really should be using fates for leveling (or revolt I guess, havent tried it myself) as its the safest way to do it. But untill they find all bugs I really wouldnt run anything without at least checking in on it from time to time. Ive been running it doing fates and after about 2 days ive gotten my pld from 70 to 78, ive only been running it while awake and in the house + taking some breaks so im pretty happy with this speed. Also, DO NOT use the teleport function. Thats asking to be banned. Let your toon run normally and it should work fine. You can also change what point your character flee's from battle, so may be a good idea to set it lower or even set it to 0 and just have a home point in the zone your grinding.
Alright, i get what you mean. I guess then fates are all its really going to come down to for me.

Any idea how to sort it out that my toon at least heals itsself xD ?

Thanks for the reply buddy !
(07-11-2019, 01:26 PM)bawen Wrote:  Alright, i get what you mean. I guess then fates are all its really going to come down to for me.

Any idea how to sort it out that my toon at least heals itsself xD ?

Thanks for the reply buddy !

All of the ACR profiles were made free when Shadowbringers dropped, so make sure you have ACR active and that should correct your issues with your spells not being utilized properly. A lot of the older class/job skill profiles have not been updated to the latest game Xpac patch...but the ACR profiles work pretty well. 

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