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Any textual tutorials?
English if far from my native language, and even if I've learned to read and write (well more or less), it's kind of hard for me to learn anything from videos... I just don't have enough listening/speaking experience (not that I'm ever going to have any, it seems). The only thing I need from this bot is gathering; though, gathering video tutorial provided me with more questions than answers. First, this bot does not show neither markers not connections between them graphically, so I don't quite understand how is one supposed to manage / modify / optimize marker sets (i.e. how do you check where is certain marker in the game, where should you move it and so forth). Then, video guide shows creation of a really simple example "grid" of just 3 markers, which displays quite bad performance (char on the video walks between marker and nodes instead of flying - which is 3x slower than flying, etc). Is it possible to create decent / optimized "grids" of markers, where botting toon will follow sane circle, mostly flying, choosing optimal (shortest) route, landing just before spawned node, never backtracking / visiting sets of nodes which are gathered already, and so on? If it is possible, is there any text guide which explains it step by step? Even a well-commented pre-made "grid" could be sufficient, probably (if there is any in the basic bot pack, as opposed to paid addons)!

Also I'll need some examples of handling dialogue windows - to make my toon deliver collectables, reduct ephemeral loot, use scrips to buy stuff and so forth. I've got some Lua programming experience (since the time when it was possible to use active commands from Lua scripts in WoW - i.e. before Burning Crusade - and thus basically make built-in bots); though, after downloading the bot itself I just don't know where to start. I read Lua API page on Wiki and downloaded source code from Github, but it's mostly uncommented, so... it doesn't help a lot. Buyable addons are closed-source, I bet, so it won't be much help either. Is there any open-source addons which could be used as tutorials?
Noooo :) just a single gathering video guide is definitely NOT ENOUGH! Spent several hours trying to figure it out, and failed miserably. It just gathers a single node, and then follows my markers in circle, without gathering anything. Console does not help to debug this problem either (it just shows meaningless lines like "start descend / end descend / ascend for flight")...

Also, there is helluva lot of other options which need guides. For example, skill profile creation, especially when you have to create complicated rotations, which contain Impulsive and lots of branches which depend on if buff appears or not. Mkay, there are example profiles, so I managed to figure most things out by myself (except for "how to delete a profile made by mistake"), but it definitely was not easy.

Now I wonder: maybe it was made so complicated and undocumented on purpose, so most users are just forced to buy addons?...

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