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C stack overflow (radar)
I had the bot gathering collectibles with Madao's addon when this error flooded the console. It happened once or twice (can't remember) during the last few days .

22:7:38> [[string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv_radar.lua"]]:436:
22:7:38> [Lua Error]: [string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv_helpers_memoized.lua"]:57: C stack overflow
22:7:38> Callstack:
22:7:38> [[string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv_helpers_memoized.lua"]]:57:
22:7:38> [[string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv_init.lua"]]:1656:
22:7:38> [[string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv.lua"]]:423:
22:7:38> [[string "C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\/ffxivminion/ffxiv.lua"]]:259:
22:7:38> [Lua Error]: ?:0: C stack overflow

The full log can be seen here :

  1. * What OS are you running? W10
    * What AV is installed?(Antivirus) Kaspersky
    * Where is the bot installed?(installed path) default
    * Do you have any Anti-Malware installed? no
    * do you have Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, any other recording software, Nvida Gamers Experience, Raptr, Caytalist Control Center, guildworks,Teamviwer installed? no
    * Did you follow the install instructions found HERE yes
    * Are you running the bot as admin? yes
    * Are you using the attach button or having minionapp launch the client? launch
    *Are you running any Bot addons? Madao's addons, Bottox addon

I have 2D radar enabled (showing hunts and players) and if it occurs again, I'll try disabling it.

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