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Crafting filters?
Hi there, does anyone know if it's possible to set a skill filter on a crafting profile?
I've looked through the lua files of various craft/gather and combat profiles and this only seems to be done in the combat ones like so: 
["filterone"] = "Off";
I've tried to do a similar thing in a craft profile like so:
        [1] = {
            ["alias"] = "Easy mode";
            ["filterone"] = "On";
            ["id"] = 100069;
            ["name"] = "Careful Synthesis II";
            ["prio"] = 1;
            ["qualityminper"] = 100;
            ["type"] = 9;
But that didn't do anything.

So is what I'm trying to do at all possible? If not could this perhaps be added, because for some tasks I'd like to use for example Carefull Synthesis while for others I'd like to use perhaps brand of the elements or any number of skills to be honest.
The way I see it something like this could be achieved pretty simple:

        [16] = {
            ["id"] = 100069;
            ["name"] = "Careful Synthesis II";
            ["prio"] = 16;
            ["singleuseonly"] = false;
            ["stepmin"] = 15;
            ["type"] = 9;
            ["used"] = "filterone"; -- If this flag could check against filters being on/off that would do what I want.

Documentation seems very hard to find perhaps I could change the way this used flag works myself if this is done somewhere in a lua file I'd appreciate any and all pointers, thanks!

Edit: Right now I have made a lot of different profiles for different crafts which seems just silly and it's taken quite some time to make them, a lot of them have a similar structure but using some skills over others to speed it up. Having something like filters work for crafting would be ideal.

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