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UPDATED: NIN 5.0 v2 Skill Profile
Update 1: V2 of the profile is released and attached to the post. It fixes Hyosho Ranryu usage. Both Gako Mekkyaku and Hyosho Ranryu are now working properly. Bunshin not tested as I'm not 80 yet, but I don't foresee issues with that.

Hey guys,

Since the NIN profile that comes for free with the bot itself is NOT updated for 5.0, I decided to reuse it's ninjutsu profiles and build around that, creating a profile that does it's melee rotation, uses it's ninki properly, uses it's ninjutsu and kassatsu and AoEs accordingly.
This profile sometimes messes up ninjutsu, but most of the time it should be fine. Tested and tweaked this over multiple dungeon runs and levels.

This profile includes 3 filters:

- AoE OFF: As states, turns AoE off. No Death Blossom, no Hakke Mujinsatsu, no Katon, Doton or Hellfrog Medium.
- Ninjutsu Off: This lets you do all the ninjutsu.
- Ninjutsu Only: This lets you focus on the melee rotation while the bot handles the ninjutsu for you. (Kassatsu is manual in this)

Since my NIN is not yet level 80, Bunshin is untested and may not work.

This profile will do the following:
1. Prioritize Ninjutsu over melee rotation
2. Use Kassatsu automatically
3. Keep Shadow Fang dot up on current target
4. Use Armor Crush below 25 seconds of Huton
5. Use Huton through ninjutsu below 10 seconds
6. Use your Ninki spells accordingly (Bhavacakra, Hellfrog, Bunshin)

This profile will not do the folowing:
1. Use positionals
2. Use Ten Chi Jin
3. Shukuchi
4. Use Shade Shift or any role actions
5. Use Throwing Daggers (lol)
6. Use Hide
7. Use Meisui

As said before, Bunshin is untested but should work.
If anything doesn't work as expected by the post above, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.
Should be miles better than what we got, but of course the paid ACR Haru is way better than this.

As always, place this in: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\ffxivminion\SkillManagerProfiles
Reload LUA if you're already in-game and you should see it.

Lemme know if anything isn't working properly, don't forget to download the latest version.

Attached Files
.lua   NIN 5.0 by Akatsui v2.lua (Size: 11.87 KB / Downloads: 90)
Nice man, thanks for your contribution!

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