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Skill Manager Target field
Can the Target field please be updated to be the active target of the player in game?  The problem is that if the 'Skill Target' is 'player', then the target conditionals are the players stats and not the active player's target.  The same goes for if the 'Skill Target' is "Party", etc... The conditionals belong to the 'Skill Target' selected and not the player's actual target in game.

There is already a field for 'Player HP/MP/TP' and "Party". These fields can be used in conjunction with 'Target' field if needed.   There are many skills where 'Skill Target' is 'Player' and they need to be used based on "Enemy" or even perhaps "Party" conditionals (or vice versa).  This is currently not possible.


You want to cast Battle Littany. Skill Target needs to be "Player" or it won't cast. You also don't want it cast when a target's HP is so low it will die in 2 seconds, thus wasting the buff.

You can't make this work because Skill Target being "Player" makes the target's conditionals your stat's and not the enemies (even when you have an enemy selected in game).
I'm not at home to look at my profiles, but...

Battle Litany use based on Targeted Enemy HP:
Set the Skill Target to Player.
Set the Player Target to Enemy.
Set the Target HP% to something like > 50% and < 99%

Go to a training dummy. Hit it to someplace between 50 and 99 and Battle Litany should fire based on the Targeted Enemy HP%.
If the HP < 50% then it should not fire.

Maybe specify to use after a GCD skill.
You might have to specify oGCD settings.

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That combination did work, thanks!

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