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Running Assist Toons
New user here, I bought the GW2 MMOMinion and am struggling to figure out how to setup my alts to assist my tank.  Can MMOMinion be used as a bot assist tool for the main tank?

I have 3 questions.
1. I am not finding any documents on how to setup toons to just follow, assist and heal group
2. Do I have to buy a separate MMOMinion License for each account?
3. I saw the post about the Proxifier that says use the new launcher, i just bought and downloaded the latest version of Minion and it does not look anything like the version in the documents do I need to run the proxifier to do what I want?  if so is there a link to get to the proxifier?

Thank you
I think the mmoalt_FollowCommander store addon does this.

Please download the free trial and get some support if needed through the forum thread.
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