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Gather Yield +1
Not sure if this was added with 5.1 and you guys are just working out bigger things before tackling it, but there doesn't seem to be a setting to make an action pop off based on gathering yield +1 on the node, normally it use to be only gathering attempt +1. I'll post some code below to help you located one of these nodes i'm talking about.

[2] = {   --[ Water Shards x100 ]
    ["minlevel"] = 15;
    ["maxlevel"] = 80;
    ["mapid"] = 140;
    ["radius"] = 100;
    ["pos"] = {
        ["x"] = 136.99;
        ["y"] = 50.78;
        ["z"] = -147.45;
        ["h"] = 0.25;
    ["type"] = "mining";
    ["item1"] = "Water Shard";
    ["condition"] = {
        ["ItemCount(7) <= 100"] = true;
    ["complete"] = {
        ["ItemCount(7) >= 101"] = true;
    ["gathermaps"] = false;
    ["dangerousarea"] = false;
    ["usestealth"] = false;
    ["unspoiled"] = false;
Just set skill profile attempts remaining.
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But that wont work for the gather yield +1 nodes, since attempt is focused towards gather attempt +1 nodes (bringing the node to 5 attempts), gather yield +1 makes it so that the same node with just 4 attempts will allow you to gather 2 of a shard/item instead of one, so if i wanted to pop an action just based on weather the node is giving me x2 of an item i can't seem to find a way to do it at the moment.

This is mainly related to the new 150 GP move called the twelve's bounty. Would be nice to pop it only when at the node that has x2 of the shard. So you'd get your normal 4 attempts however you'd be gathering 4 shard per hit instead of two (4x4=16). So this would allow you to surpass the nodes with 5 gathering attempts which would only give you a total of 15 shards (5x3=15).

Obviously not a crazy difference but would be a nice addition, at the moment since the move is cheaper GP wise then the previous shard yield actions I'm just letting it pop it on every node, but if it was controlled to detect when the node was a x2 node you'd be able to gather more shards over time since you'd be more efficient on GP use.
I don't believe that was ever something that was added.
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lol it's funny I'm sure it was in the game before 5.1 seeing how ppl on reddit and other forums are talking about it, but i never noticed it till now.
it was in the game.
Its not something we have ever added
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maybe once the 5.1 update storm clears might be something y'all can look into :) cause there are other moves that you can stack with the new shard move to get you somewhere around 30 (+,-) shards on a single node.

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