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How to make a Skill profile rotation?
Hey all, could anyone lend a hand, I have the 1-80 pack and wasn't keen on the rotations. Could anyone give me some tips to make my own? This is for gathering thanks all!
what kind of gathering, like how would you want your rotation to go?
So I have noticed when gathering ephemeral nodes it sometimes misses an action too. But just to learn how to do rotation's would be nice for combat as well. If you have any advice or tips that would be massively appreciated. Also I have tried to do the combo with the skill manager and the skill I.d's but doesn't seem to work?
Well when i first started using minion back in 2013 I want to say the easiest skillprofiles to setup are the crafting ones especially if your not putting conditional moves in the profile (ie: moves that depend on excellent or good condition). For those types of crafting rotations i just use the Step >= and Step < conditions. Most gathering profiles are pretty easy to make as well, until you get to stuff like ephemeral nodes, a lot of the rotations on here at the moment mostly rely on GP, Wear, Has Buff and Missing Buff. And for DoW and DoM jobs your best friend will be the Dev Tools aka Dev-Monitor, where you can find your buff ID's as well as your targets buff ID's, which will be used to condition most of those types of skill profiles, also getting familiar with previous combo move ID seems to help quiet a bit. Then there's jobs like RDM who's moves ID's go crazy sometimes, and you have to use the cast & spell data under the player section in the dev tools to edit in the proper ID for the move in the profile.

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