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Point and Shoot quests not working properly

I've been a long time user of FFXIV Minion for a while now and ever since FFXIV introduced the point and shoot quests I noticed that my Minion/Bot was completely unable to actually shoot. I've recently gotten pretty fed up of manually shooting myself when the bot encounters these quests so I figured I would take this problem to the forum.

In the console for most quest it says "Shoot" of course, some variant of it depending on the add-on I'm using but it does not actually shoot, but it aims perfectly fine.

In particular I've noticed this issue with Latty's Shadowbringers add-on and Bottox's Dailies add-on, particularly on the Numazu and Pixie add-on's.

Because this issue has expanded between 2 different add-ons I have a feeling its not an add-on specific issue but something more general. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S if need be I can provide screenshots but I think the situation is pretty self explanatory.
probably a key you have re-binded, cause most of em do the shoot themselves.
I had this exact same problem a while back ago, your key binding for 'Confrim' must be keyed to 'NUM0' (Number Pad Zero)

System > Keybind > System
[Image: SRiQela.png]

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