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  Skill Casting
Posted by: Powder - 03-04-2016 06:09 AM
47215 Views - 41 Replies
Greetings Minions

As you may or may not have noticed there have been some issues with the skill casting in the past day. Those issues should be resolved now, however we have added a valid target check into the isready field which the skill-manager uses heavily. This change will absolutely require profiles to use the correct target for the skill. There may be some default profiles that do not have a target set for a self buff, this will cause that buff to never be cast so please d...
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  Minion Site
Posted by: Powder - 02-01-2016 11:10 PM
7261 Views - 5 Replies
Greetings Minions - Update!

Purchasing has been re-enabled

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  Aetherial Reduction, Live Support Updates
Posted by: Ace - 01-23-2016 11:03 PM
5359 Views - No Replies
With the last few dats we've added support for the required functions for Aetherial Reduction, and it has been rolled it up into the Sellout addon.
Also added were some misc FPS fixes, and some new functions to help prevent issues with this going forward.

We are also trying to transition over to Discord for our internal support, and we have linked that into the IRC Live Chat, so there should be more of us available throughout the day for immediate support.

Thanks for your continued support!...
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  GW2Minion - HoT Release
Posted by: Powder - 11-20-2015 12:12 PM
10447 Views - 8 Replies
GW2Minion is updated and works with HoT

Update 3:
- I added something new that should prevent the bot from trying to reach places where he just cannot go. This needs testing.... If you experience anything weird happening in regards of "Finding a NavPath" or "Walking anywhere", please describe the problem DETAILED and give as many infos as you can, thank you!

Update 2:
- mmoalt was so nice and provided a "first p...
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  Craft Mode - Profiles, Multi-Recipe, Multi-Class, GUI Update
Posted by: Ace - 10-21-2015 03:26 AM
62402 Views - 67 Replies
Okay, so the time has come to bring Craft mode into the new age.

The new version will look somewhat like this (just to show some basic interface).

[Image: 2yl0bq8.png]

Hopefully tomorrow sometime AceLib will be updated with some new functions I've had to create to make this magic work, and after that I will update the main crafting mode.

This first release is just get it out there, and there will be some later adjustments to make things more streamlined.

Anyway, just to let you guys know, more big changes within the next 24-48 hours....
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