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Pierce [Bard][Combat Routine]
Opening up the thread for questions/issues/concerns.

The basics are explained here:

Thanks. :)

What is Destroy?

Destroy is the equivalent of ignoring the use buffs or Use Cd settings.

it would mostly be used in situations where burst damage needs to be saved for certain boss stances.
Such as Bismark's back or ravana's offensive stance.

If your cd settings and buff settings are off destroy will act as a single toggle to enable both in a single press while still acting independant to both.
[Image: 250385a051.jpg][Image: aaa646eff2.jpg]

What is Smart Jaws?

As most bards would know Ironjaws refreshes the dots Venombite and Windbite.
In single target situations Ironjaws will only need to refresh a single target.

In aoe groups you can dot multiple mobs and Ironjaws will refresh the dots on each mob (Time Permitting) while still targeting the main focus.

What is Smart AOE?

Will AOE the best target which will hit the highest count of targets ijn the local group.
Having this switched off will just aoe the current target which may miss several mobs.

- Complete opener rewrite.
- Improved IronJaws smart adjustment timers.
- Added potion usages.
Addon was released this morning, and I've already received a couple of helpful feedback points and suggestions, so you can be assured that v2 will be up before long.
I did some 1,000,000 damage tests comparing Bard ACR vs EasyBard by hxx112, and I have to say I'm excited for the future of this addon.

[Image: BsUQ6lI.png]

Now I will say that I couldn't get "Destroy" to work on the target dummy (lvl 60), and without the opener working it adds ~150 DPS, with the opener working I'd estimate my DPS to be around ~1600'ish, maybe 1650. Just a guess.

I have some small concerns with foe dropping mid fight (MP setting to 0%, I think it's due to mobs spawning to join the battle but aren't registered on the enmity list yet), but I can't call it out on that yet, I've only done a single dungeon to see how it did and that is just what I noticed and thought I'd mention it even if it's not a large enough of a sample yet.

Overall, for a version 1, very well done job. Excited for future updates.
just got me this one, maybe it would be a good idea, to list supported cross-skills on the Wiki page, I noticed I don't have featherfoot active, and don't know what to drop for it ;) (I guess feint?)
yes feint. thats a dragoon skill and not supported as bard.
(05-11-2016, 07:59 PM)sebbs Wrote:  yes feint. thats a dragoon skill and not supported as bard.

uhm, drg skills are supported as bard? That's why I have it now ;) As well as B4B and Invigorate...
wow what am i on this morning?
;) I just dropped feint and took featherfoot in... what would be maybe a good idea would be to drop repelling shot from the "destroy" list as default, it's a quite annoying skill, as you never know when it fires and where it puts you
Feint actually has a little more use than FeatherFoot, and will actually have increased use in v2 as part of the opener if it is available.
Nice, definitely getting this. Are there any short term plans for a monk or astro? Really like what is currently on offer, it's just those two are may favorite classes.

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