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GUI Update & FFXIV Navigation Update
Hello fellow Minions,

we just updated our GUI with tons of improvements but that also comes with a few things the Lua Developer have to know in order to update their code.
  • You can find the new GUI Documentation in our WIKI ( ontop a link with the API changes for the Lua Developers) : GUI API Documentation
Additionally, we finally activated the new navigation system for FFXIVMinion. This is a HUGE change in the backend and although we tested it over nearly 2 months, there can be still bugs.
If you use your own Navmesh Files, you need to convert the old navmesh files to the new system :
  • Load the navmesh file
  • Hit SAVE Mesh in the Navigation Manager once
  • That's it.
  • If you managed to load a file TWICE, then all your former "offmeshconnections" are gone forever. So pay attention!.

Please post GUI or Nav bugs below with AS MUCH DETAILS AS POSSIBLE in order to be able to reproduce and fixing them Pig
Alright, update once more!
I fixed the "old nav files not being deleted automatically" , causing some problems on loading into a map.
Also buttons dont get "stuck" anymore when switching/hovering between ingame and the GUI we have.
Right click on a window header now also closes it again.
Thank you again Fx for the ImGUI update <3

I know there are issues that still have to be ironed out, but I think it will be worth it in the end to have the updated features.
THE GUI language not work in new GUI
I'll fix it @绝不裸奔
fixed language switcher
fixed pvp mesh files
fixed fast paced pvp movement that could result in loops on "nav connections"
fixed some navigation bug that happened when you could not dive in a zone but the floor was flagged as "water" sometimes ( sea of clouds for ex. )
fixed pvp movement where it liked to turn around while walking
Something is wrong with the built-in auto level grind mode since the update. After doing the hunting log, the character comes back to grind outside of ul'dah on level 3 mobs from at for levels 1-13 at least. Have tested on 2 different toons with the latest updates.


Reply by sebbs.

If you change it then it will do that.
Without any info to look at, like the info in the report tab requests, we cant even check anything.
mining koppranickel sand, the bot just runs into the mountain and keeps doing it. set the bot out while i was at work hoping to come back to a ton of those mats and it would not gather. please fix this, i paid for that gathering pack.

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