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The Time Machine
(05-18-2018, 04:51 PM)Zanci Wrote:  Tests seems to be over. Its gone.

It is still active in my client though. It is located in the same spot is has been for the last few days.

That spot is under the MMoMinion, then under the FFXIVMinion button, and then at the very bottom "time machine"
[Image: PvKUmbR.png]
[Image: LrNFYlp.png]
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was missing on my laptop this morning too after i updated.. Ill check shortly if there was another update since

Just updated this pc too:

[Image: ee8015c299.png]
Addon got deleted? Can't see it anymore ingame
Trial run is probably over.
yep tests are over, I'll make a little summary post in the next hours on the frontpage.
great work
I was wondering why my computer was acting up , i have to click tabs several times to get into anything here lately . So i never saw any pop up and i don't want to be a zombie in a mass hash to make somebody else a large % over all while each client gets a trickle . Is that what that massive update was recently ? If its optional where is the opt out , i cant find it in the gui . Just want the minion to run like advertised only .
Once more, the tests are OVER. There is NO MINING CODE in the bot nor active nor anything like it at the current time. If you have low FPS, then something else is wrong.
how do we apply this and get it running?

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