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The Time Machine
We just added Time-Travel Snicker

No, just kidding. But we want to try something new that (if it works) will path the way to a new era of Minion. In times where crypto-currencies are slowly finding their way into applications and have already started a revolution in every corner of the banking industry and their (bad ;) ) services, we want to explore a new way of running our business.

  • You allow us to use a specific amount of your CPU ( which you can freely enable / disable / set ). We use that CPU power and turn it into a currency.
  • This currency is credited to your account. For this currency you can purchase Keycodes & Addons, allowing you to bot basically for 'FREE'.
  • Currently you cannot see the amount of 'currency' you generated. We are adding that in the next phase of implementation.
  • This happens in the background and it should not affect your game or bot experience.
  • You can adjust the 'amount' (H/s) you generate in the Time Machine UI  ( Minion Button -> Game -> Time Machine ).
  • The more CPUs you assign, the higher is your H/s value. Higher H/s generates more currency for your account.
  • You can set a fixed amount or let it adjust dynamically, depending on the available resources.
  • The goal is to adjust these values, so it does not cause any "stutter" on your end but generate a good average value ( ~100 - 150 H/s)
  • By taking part in this test, you allow us to determine important parameters and fine-tune our settings and formulas.
  • Once we collected enough information over the next few days, I'll update this post.

Update 15.5. 21:00:
  • The new clients are live, You should be promted with a huge explaining popup and the option to participate / decline the test.
  • This is OPTIONAL ofcourse!
  • This will be an ADDITIONAL payment way in the future (if everything works out)
  • There will be an option of "mining" currency without gameclient later.
  • The test will last 1-3 days, until we gathered enough data to make the next steps / choices.
Update 16.5. 9:00:
  • Everything seems to run stable and the system we put into place also seems to work.
  • I totally forgot to mention, we are ofcourse adding new crypto currency payment options in the next week.
The new clients are live, You should be promted with a huge explaining popup and the option to participate / decline the test.

Please help us to develop this new functionality by participating in this public test. I'll roll out the clients that hold this function in the next hour(s).
Sounds really interesting! Win win! We have Pc’s running anyway so why not :)
If someone doesn't want his pc to be used for currency mining, that means he is out of mmominion?
Can we mine outside of minion with for example a second GPU?
You can just deinstall it. You're not forced to use it.

So where is this Time Machine meant to show up? I can't find it in-game for FFXIV at least. Post says "Minion Button -> Game -> Time Machine" but there's no Time Machine option in the list.
I meant what if this becomes the only payment method required in the future? users have no say in this? what If I just want to pay a one time fee?
I don't see anything about this becoming the only payment option. Just seems to be an alternative.
This becoming the only option to pay for Minion is just wild speculation unless you know something I don't.
Will this functionality require the bot to be attached to a client or will it simply depend on the launcher being open?
Expect Expect Expect Expect
- You don't have to mine, its optional.
- So far we don't plan to change payment options, so its just an additional way of paying
- Currently we will be mining XMR, if you want to mine with any other miner it should work (as long as its up to date with the coin algo). We will post details on how to mine for your minion account if testing is successfull
- The miner is integrated in the bot , so the launcher can be closed.
Yeah, well. The Dude abides.

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