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Heart [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts
Posted by: HusbandoMax - 07-25-2019 03:19 PM
68872 Views - 69 Replies
[Image: D6Nf2gn.png]
Husbando Max's Trust System

Fully automate the new Trust system to safely run dungeons with the NPC's of your choice! (Preview Video Below)
  • Grind Gear for for classes, spiritbinding or GC scrips.
  • Level any class reliably.
  • Farm Minions for gil.
  • Level your trust NPC's for achievements.
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  5.0 Updates
Posted by: Powder - 06-29-2019 08:08 PM
10100 Views - 6 Replies
Greetings Minions.

Ace has enabled all his ACR's (Advance Combat Routines) for free during the update process. However if you do not want to use them you can disable ACR by unchecking Enabled, and Auto-Enabled, in the ACR settings.

[Image: Jv2i8n3.png]

Also if you are having attachment issues. Please make sure you do not have "Use beta addons" checked in the Minionapp settings....
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  FFXIV 5.0 Shadowbringers - Update
Posted by: fxfire - 06-28-2019 09:42 AM
23487 Views - 28 Replies
Hello fellow Minions,

FFXIVMinion is already updated for 5.0  Superman

There are most likely still a few bugs, but we are still running tests and are going to fix them.
After that, the new content is being added, we should have the navmeshes for the new maps ready as well.

Enjoy the update Cutesmile...
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Star Authentication Server
Posted by: Powder - 06-23-2019 08:20 PM
2603 Views - No Replies
Greetings Minions.

Please update Minionapp at your earliest convenience. This includes all regions of  FFXIV (NAEUJP, CN, and KR) It will not connect to the new authentication server until you do the update. This new authentication server will also bring the long awaited functionality to offer Addon trials....
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Showreel New Navigation & Mesh System - FFXIV - Live
Posted by: fxfire - 06-04-2019 10:22 AM
3014 Views - No Replies
It's Showtime for the new Navigation System, for all Regions (EU/NA, CN, KR)  Superman

Please funnel all tears towards us with a proper screenshot ( console open and the Navigation Manager window open!).

We had a few reports of people where the Navmesh was not loaded automatically for some maps (therefore the char did not move) when English was not the game language, but this was always due to a missing default mesh being setup for that map.
If your char does not move, please open Console and the Navigation Manager (@Minion Button->Navigation) and select the correct map you are currently in.
If that fixes it, please send a screens...
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