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  GW2 - Pre-PoF Update
Posted by: fxfire - 08-10-2017 07:56 AM
3032 Views - 32 Replies
Update 16.8.: I now pushed all recent backend changes out, this includes macromesh paths and fixes for the recently added skill ammo system. Next step is the new skillmanager, a lovely DPS / HPS tool and other cool things :)

Update 12.8.:
I now got all the ammo and cooldown related infos, this should fix the bot being "stuck" in the casting logic, where it waits for one of the ammo-cooldowns to come off. New bot version will go out in the next hours that hopefully fixes most profiles.

GW2Minion is updated, I extended all keycodes by 1 Day due to the downtime now aannnd:
Please be aware that the most recent game changes literally broke 85% (?) of...
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Heart FFXIV Update 8.8. - Navigation Changes
Posted by: fxfire - 08-08-2017 10:17 AM
3100 Views - 12 Replies
FFXIVMinion is updated already and we are preparing to put on our swimming suits! Pig

With today's release, another rather LARGE change in the Navigation System went live. This one provides the basic functions that allow the pathfinding to differ between "Air" and "Water" - Cubes and therefore movement.
Due to that being rather complicated, I'm nearly sure there are bugs in the system that have to be squished. Therefore:
PLEASE PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS (with console window open and if possible even the navigation path shown) OR VIDEOS WITH A PROPER EXPLANATION...
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Featured FFXIV Navigation Bug(s)
Posted by: fxfire - 07-30-2017 10:18 AM
2592 Views - 11 Replies
Sorry for the wall kissing and tree hugging of your chars, there were some "rare and hard to find bugs" in the code that got introduced recently...

I added that fancy new MacroMesh in order to solve the navigation problems ( freezes, low fps, unable to find any path at all) we had in the past years due to the large maps that got increasingly added to the games..
Then people complained it went a big zig zag due to the precomputed paths over super long distances.
-> I fixed that
Then people complained about walking into the "wrong" direction at start / end of a path.
-> I fixed that
Then people complained about the bot trains which appeared due to everyone using the same paths.
-> I fixed that.

That's about 8000+ lines o...
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  GW2 - Fixing the patches which patched the patchess
Posted by: fxfire - 07-29-2017 06:22 AM
1723 Views - 16 Replies
What a fun week this must be at anet, 9 updates in 5 days, that's quality control  Pig 
i refunded 2 days of Keycodetime now
The waypoint bug is also fixed ( no respawn / no mapchange bug).

The week still has 40hours,lets see if they manage to get to 10 lol.

There were some larger changes in the past days due to the patches, if you encounter weird behavior or bugs, please post them here WITH ENOUGH DETAILS so we can fix them.

Cheerio Cutesmile...
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  FFXIVMinion - Stormblood Update
Posted by: fxfire - 06-16-2017 11:59 AM
44890 Views - 275 Replies
Status: Updated and working!
We are squishing upcoming bugs on a daily basis until everything runs at 100%

[Image: image.png]

You NEED TO USE / INSTALL FFXIVMinion 64 from within your MinionApp Launcher!
Make sure that you select the CORRECT Game exe-path to the [b]ffx...
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