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Donate Winter is coming - December Update(s)
Posted by: fxfire - 12-03-2017 05:03 PM
1499 Views - 2 Replies
Tomorrow (my time :P ), Monday, we are going to update our website as well as the minionapp.
Therefore, you may not be able to reach the website for a few minutes.

The more interesting update is the MinionApp one, we are going to move every purchase ( including Bot Keycodes ) into the App itself. You will be able to purchase multiple items instead of having to make a separate purchase for each item you want.

I'll update this post during the process tomorrow..

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  GW2 - Skillmanager Profiles
Posted by: fxfire - 10-20-2017 09:32 AM
8752 Views - 32 Replies
The new SkillManager is now in a good state. Next problem are the "default profiles" for each class. The ones which are in the bot right now are autogenerated and therefore anything but good. Since my time is better invested into rewriting the navigation part a 3rd time (fookme) , I would hereby ask for helping hands which would pick one of the profiles and go over them :
  • Confirming the "Sets AttackRange" checkbox is correctly set for all skills.
  • Confirming the "Requires LoS" checkbox is correctly set for all skills.
  • Creating 'Conditions' for spells that require them. (Distance-Conditions for most skills, Power-Condition for ammo skills etc.)
  • Equipping every weapon type and utility etc. once, running the bot ...
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  FFXIVMinion 4.1 Update
Posted by: fxfire - 10-10-2017 05:25 PM
15533 Views - 60 Replies
Just a quick update, we are *NOT* done with testing and fixing everything. You *CAN* try to update minion now and run it and it *MAY* work... but DO NOT YET leave it running without supervision.

We are working on the rest of the surprisingly large patch.......
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Heart New SkillManager - Diving into the cold water
Posted by: fxfire - 10-04-2017 10:30 AM
6932 Views - 35 Replies
I just pressed "release" on the new SkillManager for GW2. Due to how the whole gw2 bot was build around the "old" SM, there was only one way to implement the new one 'proper', by completely replacing the old one.

Long Story short, here are the facts:
  • All old Profiles cannot work with the new one. (Say thanks to the new PoF class mechanic they added).
  • All 9 Professions have a rather crude/silly autogenerated default profile, without any good logic/conditions on when to cast the spells. But they will cast for now, until we got some good profiles to replace them.
  • All professions have their skill-sets "hardcoded", this is essential for the logic on how/when to swap weapons/kits/stances/etc. There are for sure some ...
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Star PoF Preparations - Info
Posted by: fxfire - 09-21-2017 09:27 AM
6058 Views - 21 Replies
The next big expansion is coming and there will be ofc some "issues", I just wanted to let you know that we are ofc aware and working on solutions. Upcoming changes:
  • Please STOP working on any SkillManager (BETA) Profiles now. I completely rewrote it now and due to the problems I had before in the beta version (profession mechanic and other chaotic things), I had to redesign the whole code. The good news is, that it will be THE most user friendly UI experience you ever had in the bot so far. Slim, simple and at the same time powerful for the ones who know what to do. It will allow own Profiles and own cast-Conditions which can be freely shared or even "sold".
  • Jorith should have the DPS Parser ready as well, FINALLY we get this cool feature....
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